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We love our denim flares and this Autumn we are bringing them back with new pockets and belt tab details. So I thought I'd write a blog post telling you guys a little bit about the history of the beloved items!

They are thought to have originated from early Naval uniforms in the 19th century back in my homeland of England. These were actually just wide leg trousers and not how we would think of a flare today, but this is where the shape originally came from. 


 source - Illustrated London News in early 1854

source - getty images 

In the early 1960's the denim flare became more main stream and adopted into the everyday wardrobe. The 1960's flares usually flared out from the calf and were worn with clog shoes or cuban heels.  Twiggy an iconic fashion figure and huge influencer of the 1960's, was pictured throughout the decade wearing the flare.

source - popperfoto

In the 1970's Sonny and Cher made the flares a wardrobe staple by wearing them on their TV show which was televised throughout USA and Europe. And of course ABBA .. who doesn't love a dancing queen in flares? 

Then John Travolta in Saturday night fever with his flares and moves! 

source - getty images 

source - getty images 


The 1980s saw a drop off of the flares but towards the end of the 1980's early 1990's the Stone Roses, Charlatans and Happy Monday's brought them back with vigour once again. By 1996 - 97 they had changed and become more of a boot cut shape and flared out from below the knee.


By 2005 - 06 we had moved onto the skinny jean! But we still love a flare and are bringing them back once again in 2019!








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