Silver Coin Necklaces

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coin necklaces silver


Start your layered necklace look with a simple and dainty silver coin chain that's adjustable in length like the above

More is more when it comes to layering different length coin pendants this summer

These antique-inspired necklaces from our travels will stand out whether worn alone or layered with other necklaces. 

Mix different chains and pendants—or come into store to build your own.

 The special type of pendant necklace has a mysterious, ancient vibe, and it's a real conversation starter: wear one or all & just watch how many people ask you the story behind it. Layer the necklace alongside your other Latchkey loft jewels for a more-is-more approach to a beautifully elegant Latchkey Loft look. 

All of our silver pendants are proudly recycled Sterling Silver 925

Think we are missing a coin? Just drop us a line and tell us the coin you'd like to see ! 



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