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Our astrology necklaces feature engravings of the astrological glyphs symbols on round pendants.

Crafted in 925 recycled sterling silver and are available on long or short chains. Also available in 14crt gold plate, please just pre order xoxox

These make the perfect gift for any occasion.

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21 March -21 April




Like this impervious gemstone—which is known for promoting clear vision—you are as resilient as they come. Like the mythological Ram, you’ll mine the world for magic, weaving threads of your legendary golden fleece through all that you do.

Words that describe you: Generous, Eager, Outspoken and Open-hearted

Zodiac Birthstone: White Topaz – individuality, creativity, awareness.

Vibration: Enthusiastic

Life Pursuit: The thrill of each moment

Aries Secret Desire: Leading the way for others

Ruling Planet: Mars -Strength, Self Determination



21 April -22 May

Emerald green—Mother Nature’s lushest hue—suits grounded Taurus to a tee. Your great gift involves utilizing natural resources, ensuring that everyone you love is cared for. You are both sensible and sensual. In Taurean lore, Zeus seduced by disguising himself as a beautiful white bull. Ruled by artsy, ardent Venus your stone is the emerald, the stone of self-love and creative awakening.

Words that describe you: Possessive, Determined, Practical and Sensual

Zodiac Birthstone: Emerald – Stone of Love and Romance

Vibration: Determined energy

Life Pursuit: Emotional and financial security

Taurus Secret Desire: To have a secure life

Ruling Planet: Venus – Beauty, Self Perspective



22 May- 22 June

Like your birthstone, the precious pearl, you are as cultured as they come. Castor and Pollux—your twin stars in the sky—are both mortal and divine, mirroring your mix of earthy curiosity and heavenly inspiration. Pearls are purported to clarify thoughts during moments of decision. Just as no two of these orb-like treasures are the same, you may be a twin, but originality is your calling card.

Words that describe you: Dualistic, Versatile, Curious and Optimistic

Zodiac Birthstone: Pearl – Stone of Purity

Vibration: Fervent mental energy

Life Pursuit: Exploring a little bit of everything

Gemini Secret Desire: Being ahead of the crowd

Ruling Planet: Mercury – Movement, Concepts



22 June - 24 July 



Divine femininity is Cancer’s royal realm. In mythology, the crab was a hero of Hera, the great Greek mother. Home and family are what your sign holds dear and you guard your loved ones fiercely. The crimson ruby, Cancer’s birth gem, enhances warmth and generosity—a vibrant echo of your nurturing nature.

Words that describe you: Domestic, Sensitive, Emotional and Protective

Zodiac Birthstone: Ruby – the stone of passion

Vibration: Moody

Life Pursuit: Attain reassurance and intimacy

Cancer Secret Desire: Feeling safe in all areas of life

Ruling Planet: Moon – Rebirth, Sensitivity



24 July - 24 August



The radiant, life-giving Sun is Leo’s heavenly ruler—and like that fiery ball in the sky, wonders of the world revolve around you. Zodiac lore connects you to the Nemean Lion, a creature with impenetrable skin. Fearless and fierce, you brave a challenge like no other. Protective Peridot, your sign’s stone, symbolizes beauty and spirituality.

Words that describe you: Leader, Creative, Enthusiastic and Proud

Zodiac Birthstone: Peridot – Stone of relationships

Vibration: Radiant energy

Life Pursuit: Leading the way

Leo Secret Desire: To be a star

Ruling Planet: Sun – Self Expressions, Initiation



24 August - 24 September 



Earthy, abundant Virgo, you are the guardian of ethics and integrity. Greek lore links you to Persephone, the eternal maiden and daughter of harvest goddess Demeter. Protecting purity is your path—you want everything in its virginal state. The sacred sapphire is your stone, a gem believed to bring spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Words that describe you: Analytical, Methodical, Intuitive and Giving

Zodiac Birthstone: Sapphire – Stone of Prosperity

Vibration: Compassionate and caring

Life Pursuit: Doing the right thing

Virgo Secret Desire: To give and receive love

Ruling Planet: Mercury – Movement, Concepts



24 September - 24 October 



Day and night are equal when the Sun passes through the constellation of Libra—a sense of balance that you carry into the world. Rightly so, the Greek goddess Dike, who governed justice, is linked to your sign. You are here to promote peace and protect the delicate harmony of the universe. Heart-centered pink tourmaline is loving Libra’s stone.

Words that describe you: Charming, Social, Free-spirited and SincereZodiac Birthstone: Pink Tourmaline- Stone of Inspiration

Vibration: Unsteady energy

Life Pursuit: Being consistent

Libra Secret Desire: To live an easy and non-demanding life.

Ruling Planet: Venus – Beauty, Self Perspective



24 October - 23 November



Seductive Scorpio is the hunter of hunters, powerful enough to bring Orion to his knees. No matter your stature, your charms are potent. Transformation and vision are your gifts: your sign evolves from scorpion to serpent to soaring eagle. Citrine, your jewel stone, helps to transmute negative energy into positive so it can be used effectively. It also promotes manifestation and imagination.

Words that describe you: Mysterious, Passionate, Intense and Willful

Zodiac Birthstone: Citrine – The stone of radiance

Vibration: Resilient energy

Life Pursuit: Surviving against all opposition

Scorpio Secret Desire: To triumph against all odds

Ruling Planet: Mars -Strength, Self Determination



23 November - 22 December 



Adventurous, liberated Sagittarius, you’re the zodiac’s wild child. Like the storied Centaur who represents your sign, you’re half galloping horse, half philosophical human. Principled and unprejudiced, your arrows of truth pierce all veils of illusion. Blue topaz, a gemstone associated with leadership and communication, mirrors your courageous, candid spirit.

Words that describe you: Optimistic, Curious, Independent and Honest

Zodiac Birthstone: Blue Topaz – Wisdom, communication, love

Vibration: Expressive

Life Pursuit: Living a good life

Sagittarius Secret Desire: Making a difference in the world

Ruling Planet: Jupiter – Expansion, Goodness



22 December - 21 January 



Capable Capricorn, you’re a born leader and provider. Your sign’s legend revolves around Amalthea, a mythological goat who protected Zeus as a baby. To reward her, he turned her horn into the “horn of plenty,” a fitting allegory for your abundant, care taking sign. Red Garnet, Capricorn’s stone, promotes popularity and buoys confidence—helpful tools as you take on (or take over) the world.

Words that describe you: Ambitious, Conscientious, Reliable and Patient

Zodiac Birthstone: Garnet – Stone of Grounding

Vibration: Powerful energy

Life Pursuit: To be proud of self achievements

Capricorn Secret Desire: Admiration from family, friends, and the world at large

Ruling Planet: Saturn – Responsibility, Exploration


21 January - 20 February 



Aquarius is the esteemed Water Bearer, tasked by Zeus to pour nectar into the cups of the gods, which preserved their eternal youth and vigor. Here on earth, your effect is the same. The spirit-lifting life of the party, you’re widely admired for your beauty and good humor. Appropriately, amethyst—an amicable stone that promotes love—is assigned to Aquarius.

Words that describe you: Adventurous, Gentle, Inventive and Visionary

Zodiac Birthstone: Amethyst – Stone of Spirituality

Vibration: High frequency

Life Pursuit: Understanding the mysteries of life

Aquarius Secret Desire: Being unique and original

Ruling Planet: Uranus – Originality, Individuality



20 February -21 March



When love goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros leapt into the ocean, they took the shape of twin fish—and the legend of Pisces was born. Dreamy and compassionate, the Sea of Love is the water in which you swim. Esoteric and adventurous, you prefer to flow wherever the tide takes you. Fittingly, Aquamarine is your sign’s stone, a gem that heightens mystical awareness and fosters clear communication.

Words that describe you: Empathetic, Loving, Intuitive, and Dreamy

Zodiac Birthstone: Aquamarine – Stone of Courage

Vibration: Variable energy levels

Life Pursuit: Feeling connected to others and the world at large

Pisces Secret Desire: Living their dreams

Ruling Planet: Neptune – Inspiration, Dreams




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