Founders Sarah Brown and Laura Cull met through mutual friends in 2011 when Laura moved to Perth and they discovered their mutual love of unusual treasure, travel and jewellery from around the world.

The name Latchkey Loft originates from Laura and her love exploring as a child in her grandparents loft in Cheltenham, England. She fondly remembers finding treasured objects and jewellery from her grandparent's travels and bringing them down from the dark wooden loft into the day light to discover and hear the stories behind them from her grandparents travel adventures. 

Having both completed complementary studies at university;  Sarah jewellery design in Perth and Laura Fashion Buying and Design in both Manchester England and New York, it would seem the universe had plans for the pair to come together and collaborate a few years later in 2015. From here, Latchkey Loft has continued to grow, now with a permanent brick and mortar store at the Fremantle markers, Western Australia.

Both Laura and Sarah are deeply ingrained in the ever-growing brand, coming together to create timeless pieces and curated collections that are unique in every way. Drawing inspiration from travels, culture, art and their love of mythology and historical jewellery. The brand is the epitome of unique, authentic and quality. Latchkey Loft celebrates the story behind each lovingly made piece, and the woman who embodies it.




To be authentic, original, and environmentally sustainable. To create jewellery with a unique design twist that becomes a timeless classic. To be an ethical mainstay brand within  the Australian fashion industry. 


The Latchkey Loft Woman

Latchkey Loft is a brand grounded in the celebration of diverse woman that is our loyal customer.

Celebrating empowerment, style, and strength. The Latchkey Loft woman values the authentic handwriting of the brand and the recycled environmental components that make up the DNA of each considered product. Handmade and produced in small quantities, she feels confident supporting and celebrating her coveted pieces.  From the luxe of self-build charm necklace to statement rings and earrings, the Latchkey Loft women is unapologetically herself and empowered by her pieces. She is proud to support the evolution of the Latchkey Loft brand and continue on the journey of sustainability and growth with Sarah and Laura.