Locally designed and curated in Perth, Australia then exquisitely handcrafted by a small family run production team of gold & silversmiths in Bali, Indonesia. Laura and Sarah care about their staff and value their individual craftmanship. They believe the staff contribute to the unique signature style from hand cut stones, to wax carvings for moulds, polishing and finishing techniques, steeped in historical tradition. They treat their staff as family and know all employees by name. Prior to Covid both Sarah and Laura would spend a large amount of time working directly with the team in Bali.

Latchkey Loft jewellery is handmade using traditional techniques from 99% recycled sterling silver. The recycled silver is extracted from old jewellery and scrap metal then rejuvenated into new charms, rings and earrings.  This ensures the sustainability of the planet and the Latchkey Loft brand. By supporting a transparent business it means you are supporting change in the global fashion industry and paving the way for more ethically sourced products to be made available and for artisans who craft the product  to be paid a fair wage for their work and skills.

In the future, COVID permitting, both Sarah and Laura hope to close the loop further on their jewellery production by offering in-store recycling of silver to contribute towards best practice production and lead the way of change for the jewellery industry within Australia.