Our Jewellery

Ring Sizing

Ring sizing can be tricky, especially if you are buying for a gift! We highly recommend visiting us in store and getting sized in person by our team.

If you're unable to visit us in person, we have created a handy size guide below.

Australia and most of the world does sizing by numbers which is the most accurate, however different countries have different sizing methods - i.e letters.

The most common size for ladies is usually a size 6 or 7. However, if you are unsure of your size you can measure the inner diameter of one of your own rings and refer to the below measurements chart.

Please also note that if you are ordering a wide banded ring or if your size falls between two sizes, order the larger size.


If you require a ring in a different size than what is available in any of our designs, or have any further questions please send us an email at info@latchkeyloft.com and we will be happy to help!


Necklace Sizing
Types of Chains



The Cable Chain

This is our very traditional link jewellery chain that we all know and love! Its best known and identified by its small oval links that are uniform in construction and interlock together to form a continuous chain. We stock this chain in three variable length’s all with adjusters. This chain we recommend for delicate simple charms that are on the smaller scale.

The Curb Chain

This type of chain is made up from links that have been flattened, twisted and interlocked to form a chain. It’s a slightly more modern take on the cable chain.

The Box Cable Chain

Our boxed chain is made up of a square cubed links , that look like tiny boxes interlinked. This then forms a sturdy chain that is smooth and strong. This type of chain is ideal for holding our larger charms and pendants making up your own statement necklaces.

 The Beaded Chain

Our beaded chains are made from cable chains which each have small sheet balls which are identical in size and shape. Linked with metal wire which runs through the ball to connect them. This chain is ideal for a delicate, elegant look and work well together with other chains for a layered look.

The Rolo Chain

This type of chain is made up of D shaped links that are uniform in size and shape. Its strength and versatility make it a great stand-alone piece or perfect for adding a medium to larger charm or pendant. The thickness of the chains lends itself well to our zodiac coins making the necklace have a chunkier appearance.

 The Trace Chain

A delicate type of chain which features small refined oval shaped links. This is a great choice for lightweight delicate charms or pendants. 

 The Snake Chain

Great as a standalone statement chain and or for pendants. The chain is made up of curved plates that are very tightly woven to form links making up a continuous chain formation. Giving the chain a smooth like snake appearance and making it flexible yet strong.



Our Materials

Rose Gold

So, what is Rose Gold? This is a question we get asked a lot, so we thought we would break it down and explain what exactly rose gold is! 

Rose gold is a metal is a gold alloy made up of a collection of additional components, giving it, it’s warm rosey colour and glow. It is made up of a mixture of pure gold, copper and silver. Meaning rose gold is real but not 100% gold. It has a subtle gentle colour which has a luxurious alure. As rose gold is made up of copper, as is also white gold, some people may have a reaction to rose gold as copper is not hypoallergenic.

Gold plating and Microns

A micron is 1/1000th of a millimetre. At latchkey loft we use a 5-micron coating to ensure the longevity and strength of our jewellery.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy such as zinc. The reason we use recycled sterling silver instead of pure silver for our jewellery at Latchkey Loft is because pure silver is too soft for jewellery. Sterling silver is significantly stronger and more durable making it a much better option for longer lasting jewellery. All our jewellery at Latchkey Loft is Nickel free. 


Caring for your Latchkey Loft Piece

Each piece of Latchkey Loft jewellery is lovingly handmade so requires some care to keep it in the original condition, especially 14ct & rose gold plated pieces.

To ensure the longevity of your beloved piece, please:

  • Do not wear your plated jewellery in swimming pools, the ocean or whilst showering. Any chemicals, creams & perfumes may react to your jewellery so it's best to avoid contact. 
  • Store necklaces in separate pouches to ensure they do not tangle.
  • Store all jewellery away from moisture and extreme heat.
  • Clean your pieces if needed, with a specialist jewellery cleaning cloth to remove excess dirt and oxidisation. Fine chains may sometimes require a silver dip to bring them back to their original brightness. Please do not use silvo. 

All of our crystals and stones are handpicked and hand shaped in their own unique way, ensuring a timeless classic for you to enjoy. There could be slight variations from our web images. 

Sterling silver jewellery is made from solid high quality sterling silver, consisting of at least 92.5% pure silver and the rest an alloy of copper, zinc, silicon & small parts of anti-tarnishing metals. You can wear silver jewellery in the ocean and shower but be mindful that it can still scratch & oxidise under some conditions and still requires care. 

Gold plated rings are made from brass & plated in 3 micron gold plating. We use brass because it is the same tone metal so your piece wont change colour. The plating is thick & with care taken, will last a long time. To preserve the longevity of the plating, adhere to the care instructions above. If you want gold jewellery to wear every day we suggest investing in solid gold instead of plated jewellery, which is not designed to be worn all the time, like sterling silver can be. All of our styles we can custom make in 9ct, 14ct or 18ct gold, rose gold or white gold. Email us to chat more about your custom fine jewellery needs.


To keep your clothing lovely, we recommend:

  • Wash by hand in cold water using a light detergent
  • Do not use bleach
  • Lay flat to dry and out of direct sunlight
  • Cool iron inside out.

If you have any questions or issues please email us at latchkeyloft@gmail.com we are always happy to help!